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Thomas Condello

Sales Executive: Team Thomas

Real estate is a service industry first. So, when Thomas offers his, he means it seriously. Facilitating milestones by way of transacting property, he’s invested professionally and emotionally. As far as good company goes, his team embodies a standard that’s hard to emulate. Working in close collaboration with Cae Thomas, Renee Lodens and Jye Emdur, there’s a collective drive to continuously progress, and the client testimonials attest to exactly that. You see, there’s a difference between enjoying what you do and doing it well. But Thomas is proof that the best of both worlds works for TRG.

A true team player, Thomas turns the day-to-day into quality time. Which is exactly why he thrives in a team he considers more than that, but family. Humble enough to know all good things take time; with plenty of resources to identify the right answer, he’s approaching each sale from all angles. And making sure your campaign’s getting his best one.