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Tess Bukovinsky

Executive Assistant: Oliver Lavers

As the connecting link between the campaign and the team that ensures its success, Tess is evidence that good communication makes all the difference. Overseeing the day-to-day in Team Lavers, Tess has perfected the art of precision at every pace. Complementing a dynamic approach with creative resolve, she is structured in her approach and approachable by nature. With a genuine interest in the subject, Tess’s property perspective is shaped by the ambition to go above expectations. Thriving off the energy that surrounds her, TRG opens doors — literally and figuratively speaking

Tess is a natural empath, which allows anyone to feel comfortable in her company. Having carved out her place within the agency, she’s now helping you find yours in Sydney’s property landscape. Because she knows that home is more than the place you call it, it’s a feeling — and you’ll feel it when Tess shows you the way.