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Renee Lodens

Client Services Manager: Team Thomas

A plethora of experience - literally, over 20 years of applied creative thinking and customer centricity across industry and continents – retail, tourism, technology, manufacturing and media. Renee’s talent lies in taking the conceptual and deriving tangible results for her clients. Spending years working in the hustle of South East Asia, Renee comprehends customer service and commitment on an unparalleled scale. Uniquely positioned to ascertain her client’s needs, she takes time to analyse the motivating factors behind every transaction. Nurturing longstanding relationships via her wide network is a tangible testament to Renee’s feats. Recognised by Cae Thomas as an integral facet of his business, Renee is the glue to the many pieces. A level of professionalism the industry rarely encounters, yet simultaneously approachable, Renee’s ability to dissect issues and execute auspicious outcomes is cherished both within the TRG family and her clients.

Renee has undergone the entire journey within TRG – seller, buyer, landlord and tenant – she was immediately in awe of an efficient and customer focused system – and was compelled to join it herself. An unorthodox flair, yet coupled with structure, process and discipline is how Renee lives her life. Mother to two gorgeous children, caring for a loyal canine, all while having excelled in her career –  Renee is the epitome of a successful woman in the 21st century. Born, bred and schooled in the Eastern Suburbs, with stints in Greece and Singapore, family and friends are global, and home is wherever her loved ones are – the destination comes second.

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