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Oliver Williams

Sales Executive: Team Rubinstein

Oliver’s insatiable hunger for success is what drew him to TRG and what drew TRG to Oliver. A desire to be part of a culture of excellence in a thriving environment, Oliver was on a mission to seek the foundations in an organisation which replicated his own self purpose. Social empathy and the ability to deeply understand his clients’ needs, interacting with Oliver is akin to working with a close family member. Dominating the leasing market required a new challenge, and hence Oliver sought an intense and challenging environment in Gavin Rubinstein’s core team. Usually found at his desk making incessant calls or in the boardroom beefing up his acumen, Oliver’s passion to his craft is unrelenting.   

From day one, Oliver fit like a glove. Realising the power of synergy and the need for the team to function as one, Oliver has set some major milestone goals which give him purpose and fuel his passion. Born and bred in the country – salt of the earth – a rarity today which begets instant comfort and ease.

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