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Matt Kemeny

Sales Executive: Team Rubinstein

Matthew has never made backup plans. He sees their purpose as a distraction from persistence. Instead, he opts to work harder and to work longer, in order to achieve plan A for his clients — even if that tips the work-life balance in favour of the former. Loyal. Dynamic. Determined. Between unrelenting motivation and expert negotiation skills lies a likeable character that has clients gravitating towards him out of choice, not necessity. Which is why he’s the perfect match — for Gavin’s team, The Rubinstein Group, and your property transaction. 

A local, not just by address but by the birthplace. Growing up in Bondi is not only a privilege, but a point of pride for Matthew. And it’s one he delights in showing others, with a contact book that has been building since day dot. Here, where the professional intersects with the personal is the place Matthew is happiest — with an overwhelming appreciation for the lifestyle, and those who live it, which make this landscape so special. 

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