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Don Riley

Sales Executive: Team Cosgrove

Don is an example of efficiency and shows unparalleled enthusiasm for elevating the real estate experience for his clients. Creating synergy within his team, he is uncompromising in his integrity and inimitable in his disposition. Don has been negotiating, advising and closing deals for more than five years. And, in that time, he has become synonymous with reliability — an indication that nothing will be missed between for sale and sold. Always available, forever relatable: Don is an expert in not just creating relationships, but maintaining them. Because to him, the signature at the bottom of the page is not the end — it’s a promise that his availability exists outside of the nine to five. 

It’s being a role model to his son. Raising him to see the value of hard work, dedication and ambition while teaching him the importance of caring. These are principles in life that ultimately reflect in his work ethic. With a committed attitude and a youthful energy, Don is a true team player and thrives in the close-knit culture of TRG. Pursuing a legacy of excellence alongside those who share the dream, he’s a cut above the rest. If the rest is industry standard, that is. 

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