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Andrew Thomas

Sales Executive: Team Rubinstein

Andrew thrives when he is on the fringe of his comfort zone. Constantly leaning into the edges in order to go beyond your expectations, but meet those of The Rubinstein Group. He endures every challenge to ensure you feel nothing of the kind. Which means meeting on your home ground, not his. Honest. Loyal. Determined. Andrew’s commitment to clear communication doesn’t necessarily make friends, but your success — which is celebrated with a trip to the database, where it’s straight onto the next. After all, the market doesn’t rest and thus neither does Andrew.

By nature Andrew is a nurturer — of sales, of experiences and of his family. He’s empowered by the women in his life, his wife and daughter, to be better than yesterday’s self. Which entails placing the needs of others above his own sleep cycle. Some call it selfless, Andrew calls it his job. Which you can now consider done.

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